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Advertising, Marketing and Promotion for Kindle eBook Authors and Content / Book Publishers

You can promote both PAID and FREE kindle books with KUFAds

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KUFAds provide low cost advertising options and promotion solutions for publishers of Kindle eBooks. Getting your eBook noticed amongst the millions of other titles on sale is one of the most difficult things for authors and publishers. We aim to make marketing and advertising your kindle eBook and increasing your book sales as simple as filling out a short form.

The promotions feature Kindle books you have for sale on Amazon, so to book a promotion you must have a valid ASIN no. for your ebook and it must appear in Amazon's product listings.

Using our advertising solution to market your book, you can reach thousands of potential consumers across our range of channels devoted to the Amazon Kindle for a very small outlay.

What can KUFAds offer you?

  • Cheap advertising fees which make ebook promotion practical for even the smallest indie author or publisher.
  • The ability to target your marketing at UK or US based Kindle owners.
  • Ways to get your free promotions noticed and downloaded.
  • A wide choice of how and where you advertise and market your book.
  • A quick self-service system - book and create your ads as little as one day in advance.

Important things you should know:

  • We do not allow the advertising of sexual content, either text or images. Adverts will be checked prior to publication, so please respect this when creating your ad. See terms and conditions for more information.
  • Content must be available to purchase or download from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk and have an ASIN number, if you have content you wish to market that is not an Amazon product, please contact us to discuss.
You can see the types of marketing promotions we offer here.

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