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Help and FAQs

Overview of the KUFAds System

Setting up prmotions with KUFAds is a simple 3-step process. To help ensure that you can book the promotion period that you want, you always book and pay for the time period first before you enter the actual details of your promotion. This is so that you can write your promotion in your own time without fear of losing your preferred promotion period because someone else books it before you finish.

Step 1, Selecting promotions types and times

When you browse the different promotion types and find one that suits you, you can click on it to start your booking. Some types of promotion will have a calendar included so you can select the day your promotion starts on and some others will begin immediately. At the time of booking, you WILL NOT be asked for the details of your promotion - you will be able to do this once you have booked and paid. This is to ensure that you can quickly reserve your booking without fear of losing it to someone else. When you make a booking, it will be placed in your shopping cart ready for checkout.

Step 2. Checkout and Payment

When you are ready to check out, simply follow the simple checkout process and make your payment with PayPal. Please ensure that you don't close the browser window after payment as you will be automatically redirected back to KUFAds to complete your promotions. Promotion slots are held for 15 minutes once you checkout, so please make sure that you have completed your payment in this time frame. Once paid for, your promotions are reserved for you permanently.

Step 3. Complete your Promotions

When payment is completed, you will be taken to a confirmation screen along with a button to create your newly purchased promotions. You must complete the creation process for each booking you made, even if they are all for the same book. To complete you promotion, you will need to enter the ASIN number of your book along with any other text or information required to complete the design.


Does my book have to be for sale on Amazon?
Yes, you will require a valid ASIN number in order to complete your promotion, at present we cannot feature books from Smashwords or other eBook distribution services.

I can't see the calendar when I try to book my promotion.

If you are unable to see a calendar and the promotion type requires you to choose a start date, there are a few possible reasons. Please ensure that you have Javascript enabled in your browser and also that any ad-blocking software is set to allow kufads.com through. If you are still having problems, we recommend trying a different browser if you have one installed on your computer. If all else fails, please contact us and we'll try to assist.

I am trying to book a promotion but I can't seen anywhere to enter the book or app details.

The KUFAds system requires you to book your promotion first and enter the details after payment.

My ad is supposed to be running, but I can't see it

Sometimes your browser may have some old ads stuck in the cache. These normally clear after a short while, but you can try manually clearing your browser cache or refreshing the page. Some ads are shown on a rotation basis, so you may need to refresh the page or move around the site before your own ad shows.

How can I be sure my rotating ad is being seen by people

Our system uses an alogrithm to ensure ads are distributed evenly over time and that each as receives as much exposure as possible.

How far in advance can I book a promotion slot

Depending on the promotion type, you can book up to 1 year in advance.

If you have a question you would like to suggest for the FAQs section or have any other query, please contact us.