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Standard Terms and Conditions

Promotional Content is text, images, prices and any other item provided by the person commissioning the promotion space.
Channel is any website or other marketing method appointed by KUFAds as being suitable to display your promotional content.
Promotion Duration is the length of time that a promotion will run based on a start date and end date according to current UK time.

KUFAds allows you to purchase promotional space and create promotional content to advertise an eBook or App which is for sale on Amazon. Promotional space is booked in advance on a time reservation basis. Once booked, reservations of promotional space cannot be refunded. We do not allow pornographic images, images containing nudiy, bad language and swearing, content of a sexual nature or any other content which may cause offence on grounds of sexuality, race or religion.

By placing an order with KUFAds you agree that :
Your promotional content my appear on any channel including but not limited to websites and emails which we deem suitable.
Your promotional content contains only images and text for which you are either the copyright holder or an appointed agent of the copyright holder.
Your promotional content does not include nudity, pornography, inappropriate language, depictions of sexual acts, either written, visual or implied.
No refunds will be provided for booked promotions unless that promotion was not delivered to the required promotional channel.
You accept any additional terms and conditions which are specific to the promotion you are booking.

KUFAds will:
Endeavour to ensure that your promotional content is delivered to the specification and for the promotion duration commensurate with the order you placed.

KUFAds will not accept responsibility for promotional content which is inaccurate, incomplete or otherwise unsuitable.
KUFAds reserve the right to immediately halt any promotion which is not in accordance with the terms and conditions of use or if requested by an authority or governing body due to illegality, breech of copyright or any other legal matter.
KUFAds cannot guarantee accuracy or delivery of features dependent on third party resources such as Amazon's API